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51.9%of the population age 15 and over cannot read or write in English, as well as widely spoken languages like Mende and Temne. 41% of males and an alarming 62% of females are illiterate. Our scholarship program enables families to reduce the costs of an education and ultimate break the cycle of illiteracy plaguing Sierra Leone. 

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46%of child deaths are caused by malnutrition in Sierra Leone. Child hunger is the leading cause of death. 267 out of every 1,000 children die before their fifth birthday.  Access to food is a basic human right. Our meal provision program aims to combat hunger by making sure children in villages and rural communities are fed in schools.

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We are passionate about ending hunger and improving access to education in Sierra Leone. Our goal is to create vibrant communities in which these basic needs are met and the future is bright for children and families. But the task ahead of us is a difficult one. We cannot do this alone. Your support is needed to bring about long lasting change in Sierra Leone.

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End Poverty

by feeding hungry children and providing
communities access to affordable education

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